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Children are the silent victims of addiction. The pain a child suffers as a result of having an addicted parent is unfathomable. When other family members, most often the child’s grandparents, must step in to raise these children they are placed in a position often without legal or financial support and find their new parenting roles to be a place of great potential stress and uncertainty.


Zachary’s Closet was formed in 2015 as an outreach program of Families in the Fire to support these families raising other family member’s children as a result addiction.


With the generous support of local organizations and individuals, Zachary’s Closet is honored to be able to play “Santa” and bring joy into the lives of these families.


We are blessed to have been able to support this sweet family with a bed, mattress, bedding, carseat and stroller as they raise their grandson due to addiction. Thanks so much to everyone who supported Zachary's Closet this year and made our first outreach opportunity possible.


We are pleased to offer this great resource by Zachary's Closet Co-Founder, Laura Chapman.


The Addict's Mom Presents




Stories of Love and Sacrifice in the Face of Addiction


$20.94 ($14.95 + $5.99 shipping)


Paperback – October 25, 2015





Book proceeds help support

Zachary's Closet.


UNEXPECTED HEROES is a compelling collection of sixty-four true stories by mothers who were faced with no other choice but to step directly into the line of fire to save the most innocent victims of the war against drugs —their grandchildren. The reader will get a unique glimpse into the world of these women where they forged ahead beyond the devastating impact of addiction on their own families with remarkable strength, determination and unwavering hope. 



“…One of those rare books you can’t put down…Stories are both heartbreaking and uplifting…A must read.”


–Patricia Rosen, publisher of Sober World Magazine



“…An unflinching look at the ways in which addiction affects the entire family…The wisdom offered within the pages is a valuable resource for families who struggle with this issue, are fighting for the best interest of the children involved, and may feel they are alone in the battle.”


–Deborah Doucette, author of Raising Our Children’s Children: Room in the Heart and The Forgotten Roses



“…A beautiful composition of courage, compassion, wisdom, strength, love, honesty and hard truths… heartbreaking… enlightening… empowering.


–Sandra Swenson, author of The Joey Song



“I recommend this book…Raw, gut-wrenching stories of those on the front lines of this fight…”


–Mark Turansky, author of Figure it Face it & Fix it: Your Surprising Solution to Addictions and Substance Abuse


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