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Wow, this is such a powerful message! I do not have this monster in my life other than the pain I see a really good friend go through as she writes this. Reading this blog (and I religiously look for updates) makes me feel this pain and my heart is constantly torn because I know this family personally. You do not realize how you affect not only families of Meth users, but just everyday families that read this and reflect on how painful it is to battle this addiction. You have inspired my children to do projects in school on educating students against Meth and other drug use. I find myself praying all the time for your family and I am so impressed and proud of Caroline for this website. I have referred others to this website in hopes it will help them to see it isn't only the user battling this demon, it is everyone around that person that the poison infiltrates into their lives as well. You have all done such a wonderful job in your crusade...keep up the good work because even if you feel your own monster isn't reponding to your efforts at this time....someone elses may  be! God bless you all!

~Margaret Eoute

I am a recovering addict. I was addicted to alcohol, meth, and many other things. I did these drugs for many years. I lost jobs and broke a lot of relationships. That made me only do more. I lost my son and l got so depressed that l lost my job and became homeless. I also lost a brother because of meth. He was shot because of a drug deal. I watched my parents cry and blame each other. They have lost their home and a lot of friends because of our addiction to meth. Today because the grace of GOD I will be 12 years clean on May 26, 2010. I have a lot of support from people that GOD has sent my way as a gift. “Families in the Fire” is my new family support! I was told in recovery that I needed to give back what was freely given to me in order to keep what I have. My new family today helps me to remember the pain that I have caused and to make it right so that I can have this sobriety.  I also have family and friends still under the curse of meth.  So together we can heal. We support each other so we can heal from this pain.  My understanding of Families in the Fire is in the book of Malachi 3:3 God is refining us so that we can help others by loving them the way that HE loves us! Together we have Hope! Thank you LORD for the gift of my new family...Families in the Fire! Amen!


Finally... an organized support group specifically organized for family members who are being victimized by their loved one’s addiction to the devil drug "meth".

Not so long ago, our family was devastated by our 21 year old daughter's addiction to meth.  My life was so consumed by this traumatic experience; I distanced myself and lost friends who didn't understand.  I felt I couldn't be a good friend, myself, when my life was in such turmoil.  My husband was deployed and fighting the war in Iraq, and I was fighting my daughter's meth war here in Hawaii.  I know my husband felt helpless when we'd talk on the phone, and he heard my screams for help.  I tried to hold it in and to be strong, but I'd lose control of my emotions every time.  My only outlet was my younger 19 year old daughter, but she didn't want to talk, see or have anything to do with her older meth infested sister.  Our younger daughter wanted to move, change our phone numbers, and never have communication ever again.

Rehab was discussed many times, but never acted upon.  Our daughter was homeless, and on the run.  She was featured on CRIMESTOPPERS, and had a $50,000 warrant.  Coming home was not an option, anymore as she had come home many times, but she clearly needed professional help.  Ultimately, she was arrested and spent over 2 months at OCCC.  Without remorse, I watched the police officer handcuff my 85 lb. daughter.   I felt this definitely saved her life.

After she was released from prison, she was asked to attend a “Family in the Fire” meeting.  We really didn't know what it was, but she went anyway.  She came home feeling so uplifted to tell her testimony, and wanted to return the following month.  I decided to try the meetings myself and I told my husband and daughter I would go, but only to listen.  I am not a public speaker and I don't feel comfortable talking in front of groups.  When I was asked to introduce myself and share my story, for the first time in my life, I felt like I could not stop talking.  This was so unusual for me, but it felt so good at the same time.  I wanted to share my sensitive experience for the first time, with all these wonderful people who were suffering. To show them there is hope, as my daughter sat beside me.  I left the meeting feeling like there was a weight lifted from my shoulders.

I am so grateful to Caroline for organizing "Families in the Fire".  Not only did they give me the opportunity to express my emotions with people who really do understand, but also to provide support for the families who have an overwhelming need to listen and share.  To know we are not alone, and there are others who really do care is a tremendous relief.

Last year was definitely the worse year of our lives. I desperately needed "Families in the Fire" last year.  I am so happy to have found it now.



“Families in the Fire” is a great forum that assists families who have loved ones who are addicted to METH.  Having experienced firsthand what this terrible drug did to our daughter; our family did not have the necessary support to assist us through the madness of this addiction!  METH is a rollercoaster ride that takes you through the lowest lows and a few highs.  The highs are filled with hope, but within two-three days you hit the low point once again as your loved one must get their next fix.

It’s amazing what a terrible drug this is and the number of addicts in the state of Hawaii, but the really shocking news is the lack of resources for the addicts and their families.  It’s exhausting and tears at your soul when you realize the lack of compassion and support during these difficult times.   We ran into road blocks with the police, the courts, hospitals, and doctors because as an adult you can deny care.  How is it possible for an addict of METH to admit they have a problem? They don’t see it, but the families do as they watch their daughter or son fade away with this addiction.

Having “Families in the Fire” could have assisted my family tremendously, especially for my wife and younger daughter while I was deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.   What a horrible time for all of us and I felt so helpless since my wife was dealing with the madness of my deployment as well as my daughter’s addiction.  It was intense as a father and husband not to be there for my family.

Since joining “Families in the Fire”, it has been an awakening and rehabilitation for our family. It has also opened a door for my daughter and her recovery. What great therapy being able to speak with others of our experience, but most importantly lending an ear or a shoulder for others. The first time my wife attended a meeting it re-opened a flood of emotions that she had been holding within herself.  It was the first time she has ever spoken about the issue in an open forum.  Something you need to know about Jodie; she is not into public speaking, so this was truly a moving experience and I was surprised by her willingness to share her feelings with total strangers!

“Families in the Fire” is now part of our family. We can only hope that we can assist others and, as a group, continue to publicize this dangerous drug that hurts so many.


Tony Marrero

Dear Families in the Fire,

We have heard and read stories of families with sons, daughters, cousins, fathers, etc. who are affected by the devastating effect of methamphetamine of which many fail to follow through and most are in denial of their situations; and, some just simply give up.  It is a real problem that many face in their homes and in the community.  With our hearts and eyes wide open, it was very humbling to be a part of your group meeting last week.  With no expectations, we received a lot more than we thought.  Being surrounded by REAL people, families and friends of all background with stories of horrific challenges, you exhibited a great understanding of each other’s experiences yet, you still managed to give back where needed.  You’re genuinely and desperately reaching out to others and with courage stand up against addiction and encourage those in need of emotional, physical, and mental support due to the devastating effect of methamphetamine.  You give of yourself and are ready to provide support unconditionally.  This experience was humbling for us.  It was rewarding to learn about the hearts and minds of the program and the people behind it.  We fully support and continue to encourage the “Families in the Fire” outreach program as they make a difference in many people’s lives as evidenced by the testimonies shared.  “Families in the Fire’s” motivation and willingness to reach out, not just to families affected, but to the public through collaborating with mental health and substance abuse providers will have a positive impact on individuals in the community.  The empathy, trust, kindness and caring towards one another that was demonstrated throughout the meeting made a significant difference in how each feels emotionally and offered them hope.  The stories told of many failed attempts to successful recovery showed that with unconditional love, patience and support for the individual affected with addiction as well as the individual’s circle of support the results are a successful positive outcome.  Your name speaks for itself as you are on fire! Your stories are evidence that addiction is a big problem that will pose many challenges for the families and communities ahead.

Again, thank you for your open arms, open mind, and open hearts!  Remain on fire.  God bless you and best wishes.


Brent Oto & Aimee Henson - Substance Abuse Educators


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Crystal meth addiction brings with it unique challenges that are often not addressed in "all inclusive" drug and alcohol support groups.  While addiction concerns of any kind are welcome, we are focusing on specifically fighting the drug called "ICE" which has ravaged our state and so many of its families. Hawaii is number 5 in the nation for meth use among people 12 and older and Hawai'i's families are on the front line.



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