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Families in the Fire was founded in 2009 as a faith-based, non-profit organization, dedicated to providing support to those with loved ones caught in the snare of Methamphetamine Addiction and other substances. We know firsthand the terror and helplessness of watching someone you love on the path to self-destruction. We've seen the devastating effect upon our family.


Our mission is to support families living with the consequences of an addicted loved one while raising awareness of the magnitude of this problem. We are not professional counselors nor do we offer rehab services. We offer a safe place to share and reach out to others.


Our personal experience has given us a special understanding of the impact addiction also has on the children of addicts. In response to this and out of a desire to help other families raising their loved one’s children, Zachary’s Closet was founded in 2015 as an outreach program under Families in the Fire.  Through Zachary’s closet, we are striving to ease the burden these families may feel by providing items that help make caring for these children a little easier. We know these families are truly heroes for helping to “break the cycle” of addiction that has devastated our country by stepping in to raise innocent children.


We stand beside you. Let's fight together.


Aloha ke Akua,


Caroline and Laura


Reaching out to the

silent victims of addiction


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Crystal meth addiction brings with it unique challenges that are often not addressed in "all inclusive" drug and alcohol support groups.  While addiction concerns of any kind are welcome, we are focusing on specifically fighting the drug called "ICE" which has ravaged our state and so many of its families. Hawaii is number 5 in the nation for meth use among people 12 and older and Hawai'i's families are on the front line.



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